Virtusphere for simulation training
Virtusphere is a simulation platform for safely training practical skills of user’s preparing for dangerous
environments. The system provides infinite space for the most immersive experience.  Applications for Virtusphere
include but are not limited to: Locomotion simulation training for military, law enforcement, fire safety, and counter
For additional information:
Military PDF brochure
Virtusphere for entertainment and other civilian applications
Virtusphere technology enhances virtual reality and 3D entertainment for the most immersive experience.
Applications include but are not limited to:
Entertainment & Gaming
Health & Fitness
Museums & Education
Architecture and construction walk through
Events and Shows
Virtual travel & Tourism
For additional information:
Entertainment PDF brochure

The Virtusphere set is a system of mechanical, electronic and software parts. The electronic part of hardware set could
have a different level of complexity depending on applications.

There are could be a different hardware sets related to tests and requests of customers. Virtusphere will offer the
software applications from our partners and take order for creating applications for specific requests.
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